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Melbourne’s temperature is definitely on the rise with the annual Fête de la Musique at The Esplanade Hotel this Friday Night.

This free, live international music event, which will take place locally on Friday 20 June, was first launched in
1982 by the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang. Celebrated simultaneously throughout 460 cities in more
than 110 countries across five continents, Fête de la Musique embraces both amateur and professional
musicians and attracts audiences of all ages with its eclectic program that rejoices in all musical styles.

Presented by the Alliance Française Melbourne and hosted by Master of Ceremonies extraordinaire, Brian
Nankervis, the 2014 Fête de la Musique will be held at St Kilda’s Esplanade Hotel on Friday 20 June from
7.00pm until the wee hours of morning.
This year, the Fête de la Musique will present four different bands:

Mixing classic Cambodian Rock with Khmer Surin dance grooves, acid rock, charging guitars and terrific
mixes on the vocals this is definitely a modern rock band. To date, the CSP has performed in venues ranging
from chic city clubs to rural villages, schools and orphanages, even an elephant’s 50th birthday party! For
the musicians, It’s a troupe bonded not only by the diversity of its members’ backgrounds but by an artistic
vision to bridge cultures while exploring new musical frontiers.

Melbourne production-duo Cumbia Cosmonauts are leading innovators of new wave Cumbia and the Global
Bass club scene, with a solid reputation as an explosive dance-floor act featuring guest musicians and VJ
visuals. Their distinctive sound combines infectious Caribbean offbeat rhythms with raw Afro Sounds and
Jamaican dub elements. Each live performance a unique visual and sonic adventure featuring lasers,
synthesizers, space-surf guitar, silver jumpsuits and Afro-Colombian rhythms.

If jazz and pop had a lovechild, got divorced, remarried funk and soul, and then all raised said lovechild
together, Melbourne’s Animaux would surely be the end result. Combine that with the phenomenal technical
skills of some of our finest young local musicians and you have a sound tighter than a tiger, and harder to
find than Harold Holt – a sound so good you won’t mind schlepping your bad self all over town just so you
don’t miss a beat. These kids are pure class.

Described as rock / pop / punk, Tequila Mockingbyrd’s sound is like a cocktail of Clutch, The Living End and
Arctic Monkeys with a chaser of AC/DC. Tequila Mockingbyrd combine pop and hard rock to create a radiofriendly
addictive sound. There’s nothing bubble gum about this all-female rock band – they’re all about
being themselves and having a blast. Coz, at the end of the day, we’re here for a good time, not a long time.
Presented by the Alliance Française Melbourne with the support of City of Port Phillip’s Local Festival Fund
and Radio Triple R, the Fête de la Musique is one rendezvous that you won’t want to miss!

DATE & TIME: Friday 20 June from 7.00pm until approximately 3.00am
VENUE: Esplanade Hotel, 11 The Esplanade, St Kilda

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