Featured Dish: Queen Vee’s

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Featured Dish: Jerk Chicken

Queen Vee’s has just taken over the old Hanoi Hannah venue on High St. Big shoes to fill? Indeed. You might wonder what kind of tactic a restauranteur might deploy to when entering iconic grounds. The answer here is quite clearly to run a mile from any overlap. Caribbean cuisine shares almost no similarities with Vietnamese food. In fact, they are almost diametrically opposed; one delicate and light, the other a hearty assault of the senses. If you don’t know which is which, then you’ve not tried Jerk Chicken. 

This dish takes no prisoners. A hunky dose of 24hr marinated chicken, grilled and slathered with Queen Vee’s secret sauce and served with pickled cucumber, charred pineapple and a green mango salsa.

180 High Street 
Windsor, 3181 Vic
03 9191 1474



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