Featured Dish: Galah

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Featured Dish: Steak Tartar

Galah is conspicuously tucked away inside a bottle shop on High St (Winsdor). Perhaps not as secretive as Jungle Boy’s entrance via the cool room doorway, it’s intriguing nonetheless, with a stairwell in the corner that leads up to a spacious, high-ceilinged bar/club. Currently, it’s quite a hit with the locals eager to slip off the rat race of Chapel St, into cooler climates. The theme is ostensibly Australian, with a novel cocktail menu favouring indigenous ingredients and local beer aplenty. But eclecticism bleeds out through the music and food. You can hear anything from techno to live music from the stage in the roof. The menu is equally as jumpy, moving seamlessly from around Asian, South American to local influences. 

The Steak Tartar is a stand out dish. Served with a quail egg, cornichons, capers remoulade & sweet potato crips. 




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