Father’s Day Winner

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Looking for somewhere and some way to suck up to your father and demonstrate your enduring appreciation?

You’ve obviously been firing blanks all week. Whiskey, chocolates, skydives…they all seem a little passe, and perhaps present some medical risk unbefitting for such an occasion. Although speeding up your inheritance windfall via a freak skydiving incident might seem appetising- Xmas is around the corner after all – this is a time to celebrate your father. And what better way than to present him with a large chunk of meat – one piece of meat offering a piece of meat to another piece of meat. The algebra of true love, unless you’re vegan.

The Grosvenor has carved up another phenomenal dish to treat Dad to the best steak he’s had all year. Just a few bites and any lingering doubts or regrets about your existence will evaporate, all the heartache and upheaval you’ve caused over the years healed, once again you’ll be welcomed into the warm grey-haired man bosom of your father. Unless he’s vegan.


Head chef Simon Moss Father’s Day Special

 Pasture fed Filet Mignon paired with duck fat chips, creamed spinach, kohlrabi remoulade topped with parsley hollandaise.


This offer at The Grosvenor Hotel is for Father’s Day only.

Address: 10 Brighton Rd, St Kilda East VIC 3183

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