Fat Jak’s on Barkly St

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By Mantis Kane @Uflava


In the recent years, the corner of Barkly and Acland has been a hive of activity.

Building works are reshaping the landscape, plus new clothes shops, jewelers and diners are cropping up in any nook that can get a license.

Opening a restaurant might seem like playing Russian roulette with a full barrel.

Casualties are rife, especially during this winter lull when foot traffic dries up and us fickle locals are the bounty.

Launching another burger joint in a busy strip with competitors only doors away might appear brazen, or plain idiotic.

So when Fat Jak’s opened a few months back, many saw the Grim Reaper sharpening his scythe, a sure fire victim to the revolving door of death.

Yes, the neon sign was attractive, the burgers good, the parmas credible, and they serve beers, micro-brewed beers – presumably made by a small hairy man in a tiny factory. That’s what a microbrewery is, right?

But was it enough?

Seems like it was. Riding the storm and drumming up the right noises has put them in good stead to make it to the lush summer pastures.

Their formula is working. The mission statement is refreshingly honest, something rarely seen in this world of nutritional bragging and empty menu statements.

Fat Jaks is pure unadulterated indulgence – boldly bypassing anything close to healthy; firmly positioning themselves as cheat day specialists.

The house of vice, where you let it all hang out, throw caution to your strict regime and smash some serious meat, lacquered in cheese and bacon, before retreating to a guilt-ridden kale induced food coma.

Not one for the faint hearted, or delicate stomached.

Fat Jak’s

205 Barkly St, St Kilda VIC 3182



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