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Over winter, If you want to get nostalgic that’s your prerogative, the only must do is sentimentalise through someone else’s eyes. In a virtual world one must use smoke screens to live vicariously. Locality wont be fashionable again until 2020 when it hits retrograde, so get used to the fact that in all things instant, real covert world travel is online.

Sure, you’re owned by various major corporations, but at least they allow you to bask in the silence of the times.  Speaking of times, that brings me back to my original point on nostalgia: it’s a world mash! Just get the balance right. While you’re out there being global and techie, remember that any true frontier rider of the virtual climb is educated enough to care about humanity and the environment. So think carefully about what you buy.

This is how I break it down for the rest of 2012.

Romance is our past fabrications on the future gone bad (or at the very least warped). The virtual world is the fantasy that reinforces what we believe to be sincere. Agnosticism is the reality that sets up the application of the fantasy. Humanity is tool we use to apply what we dream to know.

Build your aesthetic around these concepts and I believe you should be keeping on the edge of fashion more closely than the average Flo.

For those of you happy with a much simpler approach, let me just say that the majority of vibe getting about out there is making me want to cry – so I put together this…

ESSENTIAL Top 10 things to AVOID AT ALL COST in your winter look:

1.    Hip/thigh length fur vests. They just plain suck and are butt ugly.

2.    Mindlessly buying clothes/jewelry/accessories/anything made by women (or men) and definitely children in slavery type conditions. I simply call it ‘slavery’.

3.    Spending $300 on a bag but not giving one single homeless person a dollar on the street. Its winter !!?? Helllllooooooo.

4.    Mashing patterns and colours because you like to be different and quirky. Get a clue.

5.    Buying labels (or friends) because you think a logo defines you. Wake up. NO ONE actually thinks capitalism is cool.

6.    Saying “that’s so ghetto” – you really are a true idiot if you do.

7.    Ordering online and not even thinking about the blood metal that might be hidden invisible within your devices. At least take steps to create consciousness ok. S’all I ask.

8.    Taking cleavage shots as a profile pic. No words to describe how much of a loser thing that is to do. Yep. I even saw it just the other day. Photoshopping artistically over it doesn’t make you any less desperate.

9.    In some tumblr circles looking like a plurred out junkie is all the rage. Taking elements of plur is passable as long as you don’t look like your mum and dad cooked crystal meth in their kitchen throughout your childhood.

10.    Smoking while walking down the street. I hate you. And so does everyone else walking behind/beside and in front of you.  Not only is it trashy in a very uncute way, but it’s also damn rude.

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