Facts about Local St Kilda Musicians

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  •  AC/DC During the 70’s, before they became one of the biggest bands to come out of Australia, AC/DC lived together at 6 Lansdowne St, St Kilda East. Years later, Malcolm Young described those days as some of the happiest, and craziest, times of their lives. Bassist Mark Evans recalls the presence of a brothel ‘over the back fence’. This house of hookers, Hare Krishna’s and policemen provided an unforgettable first experience of life outside the family home for brothers Malcolm and Angus.
  •  Hunters & Collectors Filmed the video clip for ‘Talking to a Stranger’ at the St Kilda train station, which was located at the intersection of Fitzroy Street and Canterbury Rd. The station closed in August, 1987. It is now used as retail premises.
  • Paul Kelly The song ‘From St Kilda to Kings Cross’ from Kelly’s album ‘Post’, released in 1985, may have been recorded in Sydney, but the song is written from the point of a view someone living in Sydney and feeling homesick for St Kilda. The chorus of the song goes: ‘I want to see the sun go down from St Kilda esplanade/ Where the beach needs reconstruction, where the palm trees have it hard/ I’d give you all of Sydney harbour (all that land, all that water)/ For that one sweet promenade’.
  • Tex Perkins St Kilda resident, Tex Perkins, joined his band ‘Tex Perkins And The Band of Gold’ to put on a free concert at the Price of Wales in August, 2011, to celebrate the release of their new album.
  • Renee Geyer This resident soul singer has famously had, not just one, but two, car accidents in the area in recent times! The first was in Elwood, in November, when she drove her car into a shop window. The second time, the incident involved a car and a tree in Burnett St, St Kilda.
  • Dub FX Is a street performer and studio-recording artist who grew up in St Kilda, beat-boxing and creating rich live sounds. He moved to the UK, where he has made a name for himself. 
  • Crowded House The songs on the 1991 album, Woodface, were first written in East St Kilda, rehearsed in South Melbourne and mostly recorded in South Yarra and Caulfield. Neil Finn has been quoted as saying: ‘Some of those lyrics first dawned on me as I drove between these places in my old FJ’.


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