Exhibition: Women of Feelings

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Local artist Monika Zaper will present her latest work titled Women of Feelingsat the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre this July.

Women of Feelings features portraits of women using colours that represent each individual personality.

Zaper has always loved expressing her emotions artistically.

“I have always loved arts, crafts, fashion and history. For me they have always been one thing, the thing you love to do above all else.

“I loved expressing emotions, people and colour from an early age and that usually puts you in the misunderstood category,” Zaper told St Kilda News.

The portraits depicted in Women of Feelings are presented using mixed media and feature floral and geometric shapes that are characteristic of Zaper’s work.

Each portrait is intended to show the purity a woman’s face, portraying the diversity of life experiences and reflecting the varying emotions that are “tied with the questioning of ones identity as a woman and a migrant”.

Zaper has a diverse range of inspiration that underpins her work but the role of women in society is one of her common themes.

“My deepest inspiration is found in history, women, real, raw feminine beauty, nature and individual emotions,” Zaper said.

You can catch the exhibition of Women of Feelings at Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, 210 Lonsdale St Melbourne from July 1.


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