Essential Oils – Nature’s Answer to our Wellbeing

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By: Athene Thompson

Essential oils have always been nature’s answer to the ailments the human body can develop.

As an Aromatherapist I use Young Living Essential Oils as they are of an incredibly high quality and can be ingested by the body.

I would not suggest you ingest essential oils unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure of their quality, what they consist of, and have also read the research to support that. I’ve travelled to two YL essential oil farms in the USA and am completely satisfied with the authenticity of how these oils are produced and distilled. Great care and dedication is taken to ensure they remain 100% therapeutic; which involves a slow distillation process with low temperatures and no chemicals!

Essential oils lift the mood because of their high vibration. Everything can be measured in accordance with its vibration, for example: a healthy human body resonates at a vibration of between 62 and 68 Mhertz*. When you get a cold or the flu it is because your body’s vibration has dropped to 58 Mhertz, and when one develops a disease it is because the body’s vibration is a low 25 Mhertz, thus being susceptible to attack on a weakened immune system.

The good news is essential oils range from 52 to 320 Mhertz! For example: YL Lavender oil is 118 Mhertz, by inhaling this lavender oil you can raise your vibration from 62 Mhertz to 118 Mhertz – almost double. The higher our vibration, the better we feel and the stronger our immune system becomes, thus we have a greater chance of remaining healthy.

Here are a few oils that can improve your health and natural wellbeing:

Lavender: This oil may be used on burns, cuts, headaches and to stabilise mood swings and balance the emotions. Known as the “rescue remedy” of essential oils, lavender may be used to aid sleep, treat allergies, nosebleed, dandruff, scar tissue, sunburn, respiratory infections, high blood pressure, PMS, skin conditions, hair loss and nervous tension.

Lemon: This may be used in drinking water to detox the system. The limonene in lemon cleanses the cells of toxicity caused by environmental pollutants, chemically laden hygiene, cleaning products, and what we eat and drink that does not support our natural health. Lemon may be used for circulatory and digestive problems, acne, anxiety, and urinary tract infections. Lemon is a natural air freshener and is excellent for study as it may improve memory retention. Because citrus oils are photosensitive make sure you do not go out in direct sunlight if you use this oil directly on your skin.

Peppermint: Peppermint may be used to support the digestive system and may prevent overeating if inhaled before a meal. It may also soothe sore or tired muscles. This oil may support mental agility so inhale it on long drives to promote alertness and concentration. Frequent use of Peppermint oil may reduce travel sickness and relieve headaches. It may be used to treat candida, indigestion, heartburn, inflammation, fever, hay fever, nausea, hiccups, congestion, arthritis and sore feet. This oil may reduce fatigue so it supports a solid workout. Peppermint can also be used to banish rodents, ants and cockroaches, as they hate the smell of peppermint oil.

Frankincense: This oil was considered more valuable than gold in ancient times and was used to treat every conceivable ill known to man. Frankincense may be used to elevate one’s mood from a depressed state. It may also promote healthy skin and can be applied to sun damaged skin spots. It may be used for deeper meditations as the sesquiterpenes in this oil may relax the brain, promote spiritual awareness and deprogram negativity in the cells. Frankincense is a natural muscle relaxant and may also be used to strengthen the immune system, reduce stretch marks, support breast health and reduce cysts. Research shows Frankincense may be useful in reducing tumour growth.

These are just some of the benefits of using essential oils and I will continue to share the wonders of Young Living essential oils over the coming months.

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