Espy to remain closed for now

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By Daniel Wilson


It is hard to imagine a summer without having a beer and a Parma at the Espy, watching the sun go down, and listening to some obscure or perhaps well-known band belting out some tunes.

Alas, this summer will be different.

The iconic venue was looking kind of tired and was due for some renovations. The owners shut the doors in May with the aim to reopen for the summer.

Planning objections are delaying the re-opening however. Part of the remodelling will see a 145 m² rooftop terrace for 200 patrons. Residential neighbours are worried about noise pollution and have raised these concerns through objections to the planning permit.

Deputy Mayor Serge Thomann explained, “Like for all planning permits, objections can be lodged. In the case of the Espy, as there are more than 15 objections, this matter will be dealt with by the Planning Committee, hopefully in December. There is no way to go any faster. And then, objectors or the applicant can go to VCAT.”


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