End Of Financial Year Woes For Small Business

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Many small businesses throughout Australia struggle to stay afloat. Since the introduction of the GST in particular, having accounting software is generally no longer optional. MYOB is one of the more popular software programs, and at this time of the year small business owners who use MYOB, cringe at the prospect of receiving their annual support program renewal, a cost many can ill afford.

The annual MYOB support renewal cost around $419 in 2008, today it’s around $800! As a subscriber, the small business owner receives access to technical support (provided they are prepared to wait on hold for up to 90 mins as some users report), access to subsidised training courses, access to M-Powered Services (valued at $10 per month), a few other bits and pieces, but most importantly, updated PAYG tax tables. This ensures payroll functions correctly for the new financial year.

For more than 10 years now, MYOB users have been forced to subscribe to MYOB’s support program in order to receive updated tax tables. MYOB refuse to make the tax tables available as a separate purchase, despite many subscribers complaining and asking for a such an arrangement. These users do not require technical support or the other “benefits” of the support program, they are often struggling small businesses who simply want the tax tables.

MYOB’s tax tables are specially formatted to ensure users cannot manually update them. This strategy with tax tables has frustrated users for years, with no sign of a retrieve, until now. 3rd party tax tables for MYOB (and QuickBooks) are now available from FGHTables for a fraction of the cost of MYOB’s support program. While trying to edit his own tax tables, Michael from FGHTables, literally stumbled across a way to format tax tables to work with MYOB. He now sells tax tables online from www.fghtables.com.

Michael has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from MYOB users who have found his website. MYOB themselves however were not so happy. After initially demanding he stop selling the tax tables, MYOB then changed how they formatted the tax tables in their new Live versions, making it virtually impossible to replicate.

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