Elliot Murphy’s low-down with Shane Jacobson

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Shane Jacobson is a great guy, who has achieved many accomplishments in his life so far. Shane has done some impressive work in the scouts and has done many projects being in the entertainment industry for years and is one of Australia’s most loved award-winning actors, presenters and entertainers, having worked in radio, television, film and theatre. His notable credits include The Bourne Legacy, Charlie & Boots, Top Gear, The Time of Our Lives, Jack Irish, Guys and Dolls, Beaconsfield, Kenny – playing the title character and winning an AFI Award for Best Lead Actor in 2006 and the box office hit ODDBALL playing the role of Swampy Marsh. I asked Shane some questions about himself and here is what he has to tell you.

Elliot: What was it that made you decide that you wanted to go into the world of acting?

Shane: The truth is its all I have ever wanted to do, I think sports people are a little the same, footy players, tennis players and the list goes on, I think all of them have had a long love affair with the sport, for me it’s the world of acting

Elliot: Being in the business for over 25 years, what experience have you learned from when you first started up to now?

Shane: The longer you spend acting I think the easier it is to relax in front of the camera, but it’s one of those things were I think it can only happen with time

Elliot: When you’re not at work, what sort of fun things do you like to do?

Shane: Spending time with my family and working on my property, and if I have any other spare time I race cars and Polaris buggies.

Elliot: You achieved quite a lot of awards for yourself and your brother Claytons movie Kenny, were you surprised by how well it did?

Shane: Absolutely, we both had hoped that people would enjoy the film, but when it started doing as well at the cinemas as it did, we couldn’t not have been more excited.

Elliot: What was it like for you working in the musical live show of Guys and Dolls?

Shane: I love musical theatre, well any kind of theatre to be honest, I started my acting career on stage as an 8 year old boy, so it’s been a long affair.

Elliot: Can you tell us a little bit about the autobiography you wrote, The Long Road to Overnight Success?

Shane: It’s the story of my whole journey in life, both personal and professional, and as the title suggests, it was a long road.

Elliot: As a member of Scouts Australia, what kinds of thing do you do?

Shane: I’m actually the Chief Scout of Victoria, I owe a lot to the world of Scouting, it gave me fantastic opportunities as a young man. I now try and pass on that message to as many people as possible, and that message is that Scouting takes young children and makes them great citizens and gives them self-confidence as well and teaches them skills that won’t be found in schools.

Elliot: If you never got into acting where do you think you would be today?

Shane: I would still be a lighting designer for the entertainment industry, as well as an event and site manager for events and concerts which was a world that I loved and knew very well.

Elliot: Could you tell us something about yourself that we couldn’t learn through Wikipedia, Google, Facebook or Twitter?

Shane: I love cooking roast lamb.

Elliot: If a young person came up to you and asked what it takes to not only get into the profession but also how to survive in the industry, what words of wisdom would you pass on to them?

Shane: You should have a very thick hide, and also success can take a very long time to achieve, so you should make sure you at least love the process of acting and singing in small gigs and shows.


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