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Port Phillip Council will see some fresh faces in their ranks. Only two Councillors were re-elected, both endorsed by the community group unChain.

The Greens candidate John Middleton lost to newcomer Andrew Bond, and four Councillors did not re-contest their seat, such as outgoing Mayor Rachel Powning and Deputy Mayor Frank O’Connor. It is yet to be determined who will hold these positions, their Wards are now held by Vanessa Huxley and Anita Horvath respectively.

The real winner is the community group unChain. The group was formed in 2007 in response to the St Kilda Triangle development. They gained two seats in the last election, with Serge Thomann and Jane Touzeau, and have now won a third seat in this election, with Vanessa Huxley. This means they now hold almost half the Council.

A proponent of the Triangle development at the time was former Mayor Dick Gross. He became a focal point of attack by unChain, which lead to his defeat in the last election. He was back to contest this election, but again could not find enough support.

Serge Thomann is the only Councillor to have gained more than 50% of the primary vote. He won almost twice as many votes as his nearest rival. This rousing endorsement, and his experience on Council, is sure to make him a contender for Mayor.


Albert Park Ward: STEVENS, Amanda

Carlisle Ward: HUXLEY, Vanessa

Catani Ward: THOMANN, Serge

Emerald Hill Ward: HORVATH, Anita

Junction Ward: BOND, Andrew

Point Ormond Ward: TOUZEAU, Jane

Sandridge Ward: VOSS, Bernadene

For a breakdown of votes counted visit:

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