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Summer is here! Now’s the time to experience one of the largest perks of living in a beachside town, get out there; enjoy the sun, the sand, the community and this fantastic double edition of St Kilda News!

Because summer is so special to those of us living in St Kilda, we at St Kilda News decided to provide you all with an edition bursting at the seams with amazing content! Perfect for your lazy summer day at the beach.

In this edition you’ll find Mary McConville’s guide to summer fun in St Kilda, the works of our new arts & lifestyle editor, Aleah Espanta, as she tells us about a local St Kilda artists Melbourne tram art, Tom Ryan tells us about his experience as someone moving from Queensland to St Kilda, Ravenous Renee shows us where to find great food this summer, the Local News section keeps you in the know, and much, much more! We’ve spoilt you this summer.

Make sure you check out the St Kilda iPhone app for all your news, events and deals this summer too, as well as hanging up our What’s On calendar to make sure you make the most of this glorious season.

We hope you all have a safe and wonderful holidays and New Year, and thank you for giving us such a fantastic 2014 St Kilda!


See you next year!

Joshua Pettit

Managing Editor

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