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Can you believe it is already April?  The bay water is still warm and most days are pleasant so make sure you get the most of that last bit of warm weather.

What is going on in St Kilda in April?  Don’t ask me as you can now download the free St Kilda App and find out.  It should be available from April 1st on the app store (but may be a bit longer depending on how long it takes for Apple to approve it).  Go to the app store and search for ‘St Kilda’ then download the app for free so you can read local news, check local events and even get some local deals on your iphone.  Thanks to SKN celebrity ambassador Guy Grossi for launching the app on the front cover of this edition.  Be sure to check for a special deal at his local restaurant Mirka available exclusively on the app.

St Kilda now has a world class skate park have you seen it yet?  What a brilliant piece of urban design and a valuable asset to the community.  We now have Skydiving, Skateboarding, Kite Surfing and Fly Boarding right on our doorstep.  It’s great to see St Kilda becoming an extreme sports destination, what will be next I wonder?

This edition of SKN is best read alone so you can concentrate fully on the amazing articles.  Try a coffee shop, park bench, grassy knoll or in bed for best effect.  If you find someone leaning over your shoulder, as you inevitably will, tell them nicely that all good things come to those who wait.  Alternatively, they can pick up their own copy from a local café or shop or one of over 20 bulk pick up baskets scattered around town (see p2 for details).

Thank you to the volunteer writers and photographers who have made this edition another great read.  If you are reading this now and have desire to write an article for SKN please contact us.  We would love to hear from you.

For more information on the St Kilda App you can download it from the app store or go to www.stkildaapp.com

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