Editor’s note: Election special

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Welcome to the October issue of our community newspaper.

The US presidential election is just around the corner on November 8. It is the best slow motion car crash this political junkie has ever seen. Does it spell the end of democracy as we know it? Maybe.

Just as dramatic will be the Council election here in the City of Port Phillip on October 22. St Kilda News is devoting much of this edition to that spectacle. On these pages we have provided a platform for candidates to introduce themselves and many have taken up that invitation. We congratulate them on their bravery.

To see who they are click on the Opinion section and scroll through the many submissions.

Our in-house humourist, Henry Shires, is returning to his roots in darkest England this month. But he will be back next month. And when he says English “roots” he means that, due to budget constraints, he will, quite literally, be reliant for sustenance, for most of the trip, on gnawing on a variety of raw indigenous gnarled roots and tubas. We look forward to reading about it in forthcoming issues.

If you would like to submit an article to us, or perhaps send us messages of hate or congratulations, please don’t be shy.

Daniel Wilson

Managing Editor


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