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Man About St Kilda” Henry Shires on what’s happening this month

Araliya is here:

Araliya - Photo by Juan Marulanda_RGBAraliya - Photo by Juan Marulanda (6)_RGBAraliya - Photo by Juan Marulanda (3)_RGB









Sri Lankan Celebrity Super Chef Sam was a legend in his own lunchtime at his acclaimed restaurant Araliya’s previous location in Hawthorn. But a move to St Kilda’s more mixed bag has seen this previously permanently booked out eatery, with an occasional empty table. Which is a good thing if you love, or would like to try, the more spicy, less sweet, more sophisticated Asian cuisine that is characterised by Sri Lankan cooking at its best. This is fine dining and wining at regular restaurant prices, with exceptionally attentive and informed service. Sometimes even from Sam the man himself.

Araliya 157C Fitzroy St, St Kilda.

Windsor’s foodie market leaves Fitzroy in the shadows:

Barcraft Market_RGB


Food is the new Rock’n’Roll. Especially when the name of the event is the same as Cliff Pilchard’s old guitarist (and rhyming slang for ‘starvin’). Hank Marvin Markets.

Come out from under your rock and go-go to the biggest and best new Food Truck and Stall Market in the whole (and that includes the oh so hipster Inner North) of Melbourne. It’s easy to remember too, ‘cos it’s every Saturday. Till a decadent 3pm. Not far from the Astor. Aaaahh!  Orange Blossom Donuts…to die for. Or even from, if you eat as many as you will want to!  A delightfully woody little bar:  And what better vantage point from which to people watch/celebrity spot or just shoot the breeze with convivial redhead proprietor, Ryan, than the central all natural wood BarCraft Nomadic Bar with its own brewed cider and Rum Chai.  It’s Chai, if Captain Jack Sparrow drank Chai!

Green therapy:

Remedy Launch - Photo by Andre Elhay (1)_RGB


In colour therapy (or Aura-Soma to give it its correct name) green is the colour of, and for, the heart. And no one in the blooming local Wellness Scene has more ‘heart’ than Peter the Proprietor of the new Green Remedy and Remedy Bar (rather ironically dead opposite the famous  M arch portals of Maccas, just across the Glenhuntly Road) in Elsternwick. The Remedy Bar Beauty Boutique boasts more big beauty brands and cutting edge treatments than any other local salon. While its sister Wellness Café, Green Remedy, next door promises  to “deliver delicious flavour via healthy nutritious food. Produced with love to feed your body and soul”. And heart!

Le Petit Lapin Café:

La Petite Lapin - Photo by Louise Avery (1)_RGB

A little authentic French protectorate all of its own. On Glen Eira Road in Elsternwick! This amazingly  pretty, fresh, tasty, genteel and truly sympatique French Café owned and run by the tirelessly friendly and effervescent Christine Sakkal, proffers a host of Gallic treats and Francophile fancies, including Galettes, France’s super healthy and super delicious buckwheat savoury crepes. There is nothing from their incredibly-extensive-for-a–simple-café menu that I would not whole heartedly endorse. But special mentions go to the French classics including: Croques Monsieur and Madame (with the addition of a fried egg) and Cassoulet (homemade baked beans with a poached egg and your choice of French sausage – including Duck!). And, of course, being truly French, all the amazing cakes and patisseries. You can find all of this and plenty more bon appetite at

4Dverse pleasures:

4Dverse art gallery_RGB

Happening happenings in Balaclava. Remember the 60s. Probably not. But perhaps you remember a movie about Andy Warhol that you saw on DVD once. Well Carlisle Street now has its own Andy Warhol (although he looks more of a spit for Warhol collaborator Jean-Michel Basquiat). In the incredibly creative and charismatic form of new gallery/yoga studio/Warholesque arts “factory” space 4Dverse’s go getting arts’ guru, Victor Holder. In the same week I checked out an amazing “Mudras” (Hand Yoga) workshop run by the moveable, not-for-profit, spiritual feast that is So Hum Yoga. And an ab fab launch party. And it’s also above the equally unique and tasty Vegilicious vegetarian restaurant.

Home of the pies:

And proppa’ café food (with a Mauritian/Italian twist!). From Chilli Beef to Seafood Mornay. At proppa café prices, $6-9. Old skool Mashed Potato or new skool Potato Mornay (cheese potato to you) both only $3.50. And a wide selection of the ubiquitous breakfast/brunch options are also bang(ers) up to date. And scratch. And the spiciest authentic Chai in town. While you listen to Jig’s fine selection of the best of blues and roots music!

Jig’s Kitchen, 156A Carlisle Street, (Next to the Library) St Kilda.

P: 9537 0348

Tai chi on the roof of St Kilda baths:  

Tai Chi on the roof of South Pacific Health Club St Kilda Baths_RGB

Look mama, I’m on top of St Kilda! A brand new class with a brand new Instructor – the Mr Miyagi of Melbourne – Sifu Henry – who has been teaching Tai Chi for Health for 15 years (including 5 as the Tai Chi Instructor for Arthritis Victoria in Elsterwick).This ancient art of moving meditation, the wise and patient instructor, and particularly the unrivalled views of Port Phillip Bay, are all, literally, inspiring, according to his students.

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