Eat Play Love … St Kilda Holiday edition

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Henry Shires’ guide to healthy holiday activities and alternative seasonal gifts

You know that absolutely everyone you know, unless they happen to be one of the tens of millions of currently displaced persons and refugees worldwide for instance, will receive the latest mobile phone/tablet/video games, socks from their grandma that they immediately re-gift. And a ton of chocolate.

But what about buying, or even giving the opportunity to others or yourself of doing something, that might actually improve, prolong or even save your, or their, lives.

  1. Hang out with friends yoga

You have all done, or at least heard of, plain vanilla yoga (so 2006!). And the more adventurous among you may have even tried the adrenalin buzz of “Anti Gravity” or “Acro Yoga”. Circus-like suspended acrobatics/yoga. While the less adventurous and/or fit amongst us may already have benefitted from passive Restorative Yoga. Well now you can reap the benefits of both at the same time with the only Aerial Restore Yoga  in this area. At the uniquely wonderful Body Flow Yoga Windsor. I can assure you that if you find that the lying down at the end of regular yoga (savasana) is already your favourite then doing it in a silken cocoon suspended from the ceiling – for all the world like previously super stressed out caterpillars – will send you straight to a soothed nerves Nirvana. They even offer lots of regular aerial and even some plain old regular mat-bound yoga as well. Only $45 for 14 days unlimited classes


  1. Handmade healing sprays

Katie Ballantye is the excellent and accessible “on site” Naturopath at the Hank Marvin Food Markets  in Windsor every Saturday from 9am to 2.30pm. She makes her own wonderful Clearing “Healing” Sprays containing the beautifully named Rose Mix, Angelsword, Fringed Violet and Desert Pea.  And even writes all the labels by hand! At a ridiculously cheap $8 these are a seasonal gift must. She will also hand make your an organic smoothie while you chat awhile. 0400974905


  1. Patch in to mobile phone radiation protection

At last a reasonably priced ($60), laboratory tested, micro-thin patch you can put on your iPhone or android phone that is empirically proven to reduce mobile phone radiation by up to 95%. And they are starting to be sold (albeit as yet in very small numbers) in select Chemist Warehouses (The Elwood branch for instance). And it’s even locally produced in South Yarra.  (03) 9804 8828  (Also surprisingly friendly and accommodating phone service!)


  1. Cool clothes

It’s getting to that potentially unpleasantly hot time of the year. But highly enterprising entrepreneur Kathie Holt has all the standard clothing based answers to this perennial problem. A wide selection of just a little decadently nostalgic headgear that will make you look like you have come straight Out Of Africa, while still keeping even the slightest drop of perspiration off your stiff upper lip. And taking her sartorial time machine in the opposite direction she has also sourced the ultra modern Sci Fi-esque Chill Sleeves that would not be out of place on futurist lycra clad Beach Road cyclists or even at your average hi vis Bali beach party. Basically utilising the latest space age heat reducing technologies in tandem with some great retro and ultra modern looks.

Check on the wide selection of different looks available at


  1. Jam today. And jam tomorrow

And, finally, though we all know that jam is not strictly technically “healthy” being comprised largely of “the Devil’s dandruff” (aka sugar, albeit partially in the preferable “natural” form of the fruit sugar, fructose). However, as my old Nan used to say “a little of what you fancy does you good!” So if you want to really get into the holiday spirit and lounge about in your Hugh Heffner robe eating thickly buttered toast and jam (or marmalade) while reading The Age (or even better St Kilda News!) then Anne Brauman-Lane’s Beth Shan Preserves made entirely with seasonal Australian fruit and vegetables but utilising traditional French preserving principles, are the way to go. And they too have a stall at the multifarious Hank Marvin Food Markets.




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