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APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.auDyson V6 Absolute

Reviewed by Daniel Wilson

Faced with buying a new vacuum cleaner the choices are plentiful. Do you go high-end and buy something that will work well and last, or do you go cheap and cheerful and hope it will be good enough for now?

Having spent some time with the new Dyson V6 Absolute, this editor is pretty enamoured with the high-end option. Why not buy a quality vacuum cleaner whose name sounds like a sports car? It really does work better than the old one sitting in the cupboard. It’s nicer to hold, easier to use, picks up more dust, and is prettier to look at.

In fact, that could be said of all Dyson products. There is something kind of satisfying in owning the best of something. The most advanced technologically, the most intelligently designed, and made using the best materials. Who hasn’t put their hand through the bladeless fan in the department store?

The Dyson V6 Absolute has that same high-end feel. When changing between attachments you get a really satisfying click, it feels solid and well put together. The rod looks like the exhaust of a sports car, like anodized aluminium. Everything is nice to touch, the trigger has an immediate response, the motor isn’t loud, and the entire unit is lightweight.

Unlike other uprights, the motor is located at the handle, putting most of the weight in your hand, making it easy to move around and to pivot upward to collect those cobwebs from the ceiling. In fact Dyson don’t call it an upright, they call it a handstick, but it works as well as any upright or barrel vacuum I have come across.

Another cool thing about the Dyson V6 Absolute is that you can take it anywhere without paying attention to the cord, there isn’t one. It comes with a wall unit, where you simply click it in once you are done with your chores. Again a satisfying click that leaves you in no doubt it is securely attached.

It comes with a whole bunch of attachments, for your car, for your upholstery, narrow corners, flat surfaces, hard floor, carpet, long stick, short handled – you will not need a secondary unit for anything, it does it all.

Durability also appears to be of the highest standard. Over the last few months nothing appears to be wearing out in the slightest, it still looks brand new, hanging pride of place in the broom closet.

I have alwats enjoyed unboxing videos, and I thought it would be fun to have a go at one. This amature attempt is nothing to write home about: https://youtu.be/IxFTFCXyGfo

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