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Described as an “ultimate bad feminist” Amanda Jane Pritchard makes her international debut this August at Edinburgh Fringe Festival with her comedy/cabaret show “All The Dumb Things,” but not before shows in St Kilda, Sydney and London (as part of Camden Fringe).

Coming to you from a backyard somewhere in sunny St Kilda, Amanda Jane (with musician Wally Howlett on guitar) plans to grab you by the balls or politely take your hand on this off-beat excursion of raunchy tales and familiar tunes based on her chaotic love and personal life.

We asked her what to expect.

In a nutshell, explain your show:

It’s a mix of stand-up, stories and songs that takes in everything from dicks and dildos to tinder and relatively inappropriate Thai massages. Yes, it is pretty naughty but it’s mostly absurd and based on actual things that have happened in my life which providence seems to keep gifting me. I’ve got the super talented James (Wally) Howlett on guitar with me for the songs that will sound familiar but we’ve turned on their head.

As a St Kilda resident is a lot of your content sourced from local shenanigans?

Haha – of course, St Kilda has been my haunt for almost three years now and this relatively new career happened to coincide with my move here but the stories are generally pulled from my own mistakes, not the mistakes of others… Okay there may be a few tinder dates that cop it but I’m well aware that I am a modern-day calamity Jane and attract the chaos.

Who are your comedy influences?

I grew up with a father who loved sport, music and to laugh and tell stories. I think he may have been a frustrated entertainer in disguise as a public servant. Dad introduced us early on to the Goodies and Monty Python and as a family we grew up on the Comedy Company and Fast Forward I particularly loved Gina Reilly’s weekly film clip spoofs, the soap parody “Dumb Street” and of course, “I said pet, I said love” from Magda Szubanski and Jane Turner. In my teens I gobbled up the D-Generation and Live and Sweaty – Andrew Denton is a hero. Then there’s Ricky Gervais. My ultimate. He liked my tweet the other day and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Oh and I love SNL and could watch Jimmy Fallon for hours on end, I wish I had his aptitude for physical comedy.

You’re proclaimed the ‘ultimate bad feminist’ – was there a time when you were a better feminist?

That title actually came from someone who saw my first play Swipe Left for Love and they didn’t really intend it as a compliment but I loved it and ran with it. I’m just trying to challenge people’s perceptions of feminism and well, I mostly get along with blokes better so I have a healthy, honest and diverse array of their perspectives. I’m not about to go into bat for Harvey Weinstein but I think there are many more sides to the #metoo movement that get a broad brush stroke rather than being discussed in more depth. If being wolf whistled at makes me giggle and feel a little flattered well, I’ll be a bad feminist.

You’re taking the show to Edinburgh – do you know what to expect?

Yes, and no. I tend to jump out of the plane and then think about the parachute – but of course it is a calculated risk I’m sure I’ll land just fine. It’s been described to me as the biggest arts trade show in the world. The resources available to you from the Fringe Society are quite something and I’m using this time in the lead up to learn and research as much as possible, talking to others who have been and getting in contact with people who know people. I’ve been just once for a day trip from Glasgow back in 2014 and had an eerie feeling I’d be back in a different capacity. It’s the birthplace of my Scottish grandmother so I’m hoping she’ll be with me in spirit. I’ve also got Wally with me and he’s good fun. We’re certainly not going for the money that’s for sure!

You’ll be away for winter, what will you miss about St Kilda?

Number one my best friend and house-mate Bradley and his rum daiquiris at Claypots! Number two my walks with the hairy child (black lab Archie) along the beach to Port Melbourne or through Albert Park and number three the daily coffee(s) and the staff at The Galleon. I’m hoping to find the same eclectic mix of what I love about this village overseas. But I’ll be back.

Melbourne: 7.30pm, ONE SHOW ONLY – Saturday, June 23rd – Upstairs at St Kilda RSL Acland St

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