Duds and Suds

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By Mary McConville

 Another iconic institution on the corner of Chapel St and Dandenong Rd has come to an end. First the Astor changed its personnel after some serious problems with its lease. Now Duds and Suds, the Laundromat, has come to the end of their lease. They moved out at the end of January, just after their projected moving date on the Australia Day weekend. The new location will probably be at 49 Chapel St, the site of the previously burned out Laundromat and dry cleaners, ABC Cleaners. I do like the way that ABC Cleaners thank its customers for wearing clothes. I usually do, as barrels and braces are not my thing.

 Duds and Suds were a great little business that supplied a wide range of extremely useful services to the local population and has done so for the last 30 years. Customers could pop into the business past the dapper little man on the window to wash and dry their own stuff and take the time to sit and contemplate life’s eternal mysteries. Why are socks so prone to divorce?  Clothes’ dryers and karma all come round in the end.

 If you were too busy for all this deep and meaningful stuff you could drop in your laundry for a service wash. The staff at Duds and Suds would wash, dry, iron, fold, mend and dry clean if needed. They then could send you a message to come and pick up your things at your convenience.

 The big questions are – who will the new lease go to? What type of business will move in? It’s on a very valuable and historical piece of land. It sits on an important route into and out of the city (Dandenong Rd.), is close to the upmarket shops in the lower areas of Chapel St. and is near the long established and influential churches that gave Chapel St. its name.

 So far there is no sign that St Michael’s Uniform Shop will be affected by all this change. It must be very convenient for them to be so close to the schools they service.

 So what will happen and what will the new look be? The Astor was refurbished but in the same style.  Just before this article was written the Old Duds and Suds space was swept out and almost empty. The only thing moving was a workman measuring the walls.

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