Drugs in Sport

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By: Brendan Moran

All this talk about drugs in sport is out of control, surely the people, administrators, players, and doctors should be named and shamed…

I know this is a common opinion amongst a lot of people and I know there are legal ramifications, however; surely naming them publically would solve the problems with innuendo and put people off illegal drugs for good. It’s unfair for club members and general supporters who pay their hard earned money to see these so called ‘superstar athletes’ who cheat and use drugs.

Any person in general society such as a drug dealer or criminal would be named on the news or in the newspaper, why are sports people so special? Why did Ben Cousins get another chance, why didn’t he go to jail? Because he deserved another chance, but after that he should have been treated like anyone else – In my opinion Ben Cousins should have gone to jail after he was caught in possession with intent to sell.

When I was younger I had friends who ended up in juvenile detention centres because of using and selling drugs. People also went away for violence as well, for example: when Barry Hall king hit Brent Staker a few years ago, knocking him out, why wasn’t he charged with assault like anyone else would have been? That’s half the problem; they’re overprotected and therefore think they can get away with anything.

Fair enough, supposedly underworld figures and other criminals are involved but these people are also paid a lot of money, and maybe that’s another problem; the amount athletes are paid, because if you’re earning $500,000 to over a million a year what do you spend your money on? If you don’t work or study what do you do with your time? There are smart people who would invest, buy shares or have other interests, I know, but it just makes you wonder what the others do… It’s unfair to suggest that they are all on drugs but if there has to be a reason as to why they are I think overpay is definitely one of them. Obviously there would be a backlash if pay was cut though as they wouldn’t have a game without players, but I think it is great that the AFL said that everything will be looked at.

As for the three strikes; I think it’s fair to be given two as everyone deserves a second chance, however after that, as I said, I think people should be named no matter who they are, for the betterment of the game, especially the paying members and fans in general.

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