Dredd 3D – You be the Judge!

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By Paul Webster

Over the years we’ve seen a reasonable amount of futuristic films go through the cinemas. Dredd 3D is the latest, and it provides futuristic violence in what could be best described as an irradiated wasteland.

This is a remake of the original film from 1995. The original Judge Dredd was played by Sylvester Stallone and for many it was their first time seeing the character, but for many others (especially the comic fans) what started out being a legendary comic book character made famous by the 2000AD comic book series was ruined. The almost never wearing of his helmet allowed for more acting but destroyed the character they were trying to portray.

However, where Stallone clearly failed, Karl Urban seems to have hit the mark perfectly; portraying the character just how he was in the comics, delivering dry humour, a deep voice, a take no crap attitude, and all without taking off the helmet.

It’s rare to ever see a good remake of something and the only thing rarer then that is having the remake be better than the original. While the film does lack some in drama and even story, I think fans will be impressed by the film and the visuals are simply to die for – they make up for everything it lacks in!

So Dredd 3D is definitely a must see this film this year!

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