Down with the clique

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23-year-old lead actress Stephany Avila who plays Mackenzie and 27-year-old actress Lauren Phypers who plays Georgia

Image taken by Marynes Avila


By Natalie Claire King

Local St Kilda resident and 27-year-old actress, Lauren Phypers will soon be appearing in Australian homes – well, to be more exact, on Australian television screens. Phypers plays the supporting character of Georgia in the new Australian teen drama Clique, set to air in January 2014. The tenacious performer took a leap of faith when she felt something just wasn’t right after completing a degree in sports science and decided to pursue acting.

“I’d always loved drama and was so passionate about it even in primary school and high school, and then I think I decided I’d take the safe road and go to university,” Phypers explains.

Taking up acting classes as a hobby, she fell in love with the craft all over again. Learning how to relate with characters, Phypers began to re-discover her passion for acting. She says it can be extremely emotional and the most important thing is to be open to everything.

“Often it is so easy to read a script and think ‘Oh, I would never do that’, or, ‘I can’t believe that person is like that’ but then you find something within yourself that might be similar.

The controversial series centralises around Phypers’ character Georgia and her group of friends who deal with confronting issues like sexuality, relationships, friendships and substance abuse. Phypers describes her character as easy going and always happy but says there may be more to her than the happy front she puts on.

“I can relate to her a lot because on the outside I am always quite happy and bubbly but sometimes, behind doors, I have my moments, and I picture Georgia being quite similar to that.”

The kind of girl who no one would say a bad word about, Georgia is the older sister of Dan, one of the lead characters. Phypers says Georgia is very protective of her younger brother and sometimes, a bit too involved in his life. Screenwriter and producer Amanda Duckworth describes Georgia as, “the girl that every girl wants to be and that every guy wants to be with.” Duckworth says Georgia is an older and more independent character, possessing an assured self-confidence – a trait Duckworth instantly saw in Phypers.

“She oozes confidence herself and she is very set in the way she is; so auditioning her, it was very clear that she had taken on the role and took on any direction I gave her,” Duckworth says.

Previously acting in a few short films and one feature film Phypers is ready for her next project. The sassy blonde says she loves the idea of doing films and telling good stories. For her, acting is a way of exploring other people’s lives and playing with various personalities.


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