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What a wondrous thing Golf is. I write the word golf with a capital G because it is undoubtly a phenomenon that affects all classes and ages.

This week I volunteered at the President’s Cup. All the appearance money from the players is donated to a charity of their choice. Some of the players even have a trust, so that the donations can be spread around. So, as well as watching good players “do their stuff”, you get to be a part of something worthwhile. You get to watch people from all walks of life stand for hours on end in a crowd, in all sorts of weather, lining fairways and watching someone hit a small, white ball with a variety of sticks, until it disappears into a hole. At which point you all erupt into raptures of joy. As you applaud and smile, you catch the eye of a fellow spectator, and, suddenly, you connect with a kindred soul.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking the game. Like so many other people, I love it. I spend every Saturday morn at sparrow’s fart chasing the elusive white object of joy and frustration. But my point is that, because we are players, we can connect with other unfortunates who are also addicted (I have found that if you have to start a conversation with a complete stranger at a social event, golf is a real good icebreaker). That is why we can stand about watching a “pro” doing what they do.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could apply this “we do it, so let’s watch someone else do it well” philosophy to other things as well?

Like shopping. We all shop, but only a few know how to sniff out a bargain or the right gift for that hard-to-please relation. So if you see a woman in a shop select and buy an item you would like yourself, you could stand by the till and applaud, cheer, stomp your feet and go “whoop”.

Or parking the car. Next time you see someone park his or her car thoughtfully (so others can use the adjacent parking lot), or neatly (nice and close to the curb), stand in front of the car, clap your hands, jump up and down and shout: ”You are a legend”.

If the general public were appreciative of every day actions, it might make people do things with more care and thought. We could start a rethink of public behavior. Let’s show how much we appreciate people who do the right thing. Next time you see someone do anything you deem as the “right “ thing to do, go up and shake his or her hand and say “Nice one!”

If you have an opinion you’d like to vent, write to me at and if it’s not too politically incorrect (even if it is), it may pass inspection and appear in this column (we can withhold names if preferred).

“Till next time. Woof!


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