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They say that in Queensland the weather is ideal one minute and perfect the next, I think that would be boring. Where else do you have 5 to 6 days of 30 degrees plus and on the day it’s needed it rains cats and dogs… Victoria! The poor Formula One organizers would be pulling their hair out. Luckily the punters love it when the cars throw up sheets of mist and crash into each other, it makes the races interesting. I went once, we sat on a corner and every so often the cars screamed by and then we had to wait until it happened again. You could tell when it was going to happen because of the noise, I was partially deaf for about 3 days. Not only was it expensive but it was also pretty boring. But I must admit I’m not a Revhead, my mates are, they thought it was wonderful. Still, we’re told it brings in millions of tourist dollars and other such sidelines. That’s why they fight tooth and nail to keep it here in our great state. We have Moomba as well which I enjoy, especially the Birdman Rally. It’s funny how hard people work to build a semblance of an aircraft and then dive headlong for about 5 feet into the Yarra (the world’s only upside down river). Then there’s the ski jumpers and the trick skiers and all the patrons on the banks having picnics soaking in the great day out. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

We all want that day out away from the rat race and to have some time to sit down with our loved ones, and sometimes our family, and spend some quality time having fun or just “plebbing” out. We want it so bad that on any weekend you can see the packed up cars filled with families nose to tail parked on the highways and byways that lead to anyone of the many holiday places. Why do we do it? Recently I went to see a friend who lives on the Peninsula but I had to make a detour first, so instead of using the freeway (I use the word loosely) we went down the Nepean and to our surprise the traffic was light to medium, we arrived unstressed and only a little later than first thought. Everyone else was stuck on the freeway parking lot.

I sometimes do a bit of acting and for my next role I needed a moustache. I tried on some of the false ones which if it wasn’t the wrong colour, the shape conveyed the wrong message (you can’t be suave in a handlebar moustache). Her indoors suggested I grow my own then shape it to what I wanted. After 3 weeks it’s not bad, a few grey hairs and a few bald patches here-and-there but on the whole reasonable, so I said to her: “You know, maybe I’ll keep this after the show is over,” come the reply, “And where will you be living?”

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“Till next time. Woof!”


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