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A while ago I made a comment about women’s hair length being associated with how young/old they look and I have had a response from a reader:

“In response to Doggy Dee’s comments regarding women looking like ‘mutton dressed as lambs’ simply based on hair length, we’d like to ask why it is that men (often in one of the following categories) seem to think they can make such comments on other people’s appearance, when they seem not to notice that they can appear much older also, with their beer bellies (walking way ahead of them), their ‘cross-over’ strands of hair looking like a cobweb, their toupee flying in all directions, their ear to ear cut (looking like friar tuck) usually accompanied by a few large neck rolls, or better still, the ones that grow their hair long so they can still persuade themselves they are 20-something virile young studs. Have I made my point? Oh, I forgot to mention men’s mid life crisis period, that childish behaviour, you know, where they get the sports car (preferably red-please don’t miss me!!!) and zoom around town, hoping to attract the attention of women young enough to be their daughters (or grand-daughters). Pathetic really, how they cannot accept the fact that they too are getting older”.

Signed VKR & AMK

Ps. Just for the record, my male partner thinks my ‘short cut’ at 53 years young, is just perfect.

Thank you for your comment and for the record I am old, bald, short and fat, I drive an old green Magna and my beloved is actually older than me. My comment probably came from a background of British teachings of stereotyping people. Women wear dresses, have long hair and always smell nice. Men are rough and tough and sheep are nervous. It can be a funny thing and sometimes it can get me into trouble, but that’s who I am. I still think that a beautiful head of well groomed hair on a woman is very pleasing to the eye and also very sexy. I know it may take a lot of time and attention to make it look right but I think it is always worth it. Nearly all the sex symbols of the screen from the 50’s to the 70’s had long tresses and at the time I was a young impressionable lad and that sort of thing tends to stay with you. But I do agree with you on some of the lengths men go to ‘look’ younger. I for one would never wear a toupee and combing across from under your left ear is sad to say the least. My sister in law says [when referring to men] “Usually the only thing you find under a pony tail is a horse’s ass”. The sports car is usually the domain of the older man because they are the only ones who can afford to run them and you can zoom fast and let the wind blow through your hair – If you have a toupee you can get the same effect by tying it to your car aerial.

We just had friends who moved to Western Aussie about a million years ago and came back for a visit. They stayed with Dave and Carol who had a BBQ on Sunday so that friends from far and wide could catch up and spend some quality time with the long lost mates. It was the best day. It started at 12:30 and ran to 5:30, so what was it I thought made it the best day? Anybody else would have had the right amount of food and drink and the right background jazz to set the mood, but what was it that set them apart?


They went out of their way to make sure everyone had what they required at that moment of time; be it drink, food, enough shade, or a place to sit during a stimulating conversation. They invited people to interact with the main guests but also with friends that they hadn’t seen in maybe a few weeks. They were there to make sure everything ran smoothly but weren’t there to be the eye of the beholder who was more interested in their conversation with whoever. It was interesting to listen to the topics raised.

So the next time you want to run a BBQ, or you’re invited to one, watch or run it as a slave to all and sundry ‘nothing is too much trouble’ and you will soon have the reputation as the greatest host/hostess because your events are always the ‘Best Days’.

Happy Entertaining

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“Till next time, Woof!”


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