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It’s funny. I don’t know if you’ve noticed the hair thing. Women don’t like looking their age and go to lengths to disguise it (sometimes appearing like mutton dressed as lamb, so to speak). But at some point they seem to lose concentration… As teenagers they have long hair (pony tails and the like, sometimes growing out the side of their head) as they become more mature it becomes a shoulder length ‘bob’ which involves curling, straightening, dyeing and generally spending a small fortune on different looks. Then they have it cut (easier to manage, takes years off you!) and after that every time they visit the hairdresser their hair length becomes shorter and shorter until they look like the old ladies from the retirement villages where they lock the doors at night to keep them in. When you drive about and a woman has her back to you if her hair is shoulder length or longer she may be anything up to late 40’s early 50’s. If it’s short she is over 60. Is it because they are all of the same generation? Why don’t they see that if they keep it longer they look younger?

I was recently called to be an extra for a soapy. It involved sitting about, a lot waiting for the cameras and lights to be set up. Then after the cast had a quick run through we took our places in our prescribed costumes and mimed conversations in the background. “Cut” comes the call “From the top” so we do it all again. After a number of takes we do some ‘close-ups’ and ‘complete’ change in to a different costume and do it all over again. After doing this for 5 hours we are getting tired, so we finish up for the day. They have lunch and the next batch of extras take over. The episodes we were in are around 50 to 60 weeks away from the latest one showing on the telly. These soapy actors do this 5 days a week every week. I have in the past scorned people who watch soapies but after this experience I have changed my mind; they work pretty hard and after “listening in” to actors talking about the characters they portray, they take their work very seriously. So next time you happen to be surfing the channels and cross a soapy spare a thought for the actor giving their all. Pause slightly for the rating to register and give the hard working stiff some support.

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