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As a tax payer (every time I buy a packet) I must protest. I am sick of being hounded from all sides. I am one of the slowly decreasing race of smokers. Not all that long ago everyone smoked because it was accepted, nay, expected. Part of the norm. We would stand around in gangs righting the wrongs of the world puffing smoke in all directions. We were the people in the adverts who were well groomed expensively dressed swanning about in swanky hotels lighting up the latest brand to hit the billboards. One of the chosen people. Then they proved that it was harmful and caused “the big C” Not only that but it was harmful to persons in our smoking vicinity. Which changed with whoever was doing the whingeing or the direction the wind was blowing. So we became those unclean smelly smokers who people would sneer at and say “Oh Look we have a smoker!” We were told don’t smoke in here it’s harmful to everyone within a 5 meter radius  Then Look here’s a room you can smoke with your other sad cases. It’s down the back; it’s a very small room so only two can be in there at the same time. So it became a habit you had to be alone with. Then they didn’t like that so “Go outside if you must smoke” Which we didn’t mind. At pubs and Barbies we could congregate in a circle drink smoke and talk again.

But they didn’t like that either so now we’re not to smoke in outside entertainment areas. On the beach no smoking between the poles. Why would you want to smoke between the poles that’s where all the healthy people are. I’ll just go up here and light up. But no the wind is blowing it through the poles and they can smell it. So either go up wind or put in out or pay a $200 fine. I pay through the nose for a brand I can’t get anymore, most of it is tax for the government, and I’m ostracized by society but they told me years ago (and I believed them) that smoking was cool.

If it is so much of a problem for everyone why don’t they ban them outright? Or is that too easy?  They tell us the nicotine is out of your system within a week. So there would be a few 1000 grumpy people for a week or so chewing gum and sucking pencils but think of the money we’d save on ashtrays alone.

And what about the problems that alcohol brings? Or is it that it also brings in millions in tax?

In the mean time I’ll be outside up wind smoking

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“Till next time. Woof!


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