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I have been sitting in front of this screen for ages trying to think of a topic of interest and for the life of me I’ve drawn a blank. It’s called writer’s block or wall. Famous writers have a ‘muse’ to help them in this time of trouble. Van Morrison read the prose of 14th century poet Arthur Rambaud (that’s why he wrote the song “Tore Down a la Rambaud”). I haven’t got a muse so I’ll just have to wait until I think of something. It’s funny you lie in bed some nights and your mind won’t stop and try as you may you can’t turn it off and get some sleep. Here I am trying to be witty windswept and interesting but nothing going on inside my head. Maybe I’ll watch telly for a while. Have you been watching “Mrs Brown’s Boys”? It is not politically correct on many planes, the f**k word is used a lot and a lot of the jokes are older than me, but it makes you laugh out loud (or in text LOL). They say laughing is the best medicine and if you can laugh at least 5 times a day you’ll live longer (it’s not true it just seems longer boom! boom!)  I used to read science fiction books a lot a few years ago and one of my favourite writer was Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan and that). They have made a film out of one of his characters John Carter (Carter of Mars). I reread the first couple of books and enjoyed them, so I went to see the movie. Apart from nicking bits from the second book the story line was quite good following the first book and the special effects were convincing. Apparently the actor (who supposedly being in lighter gravity could jump great distances) was put in a gigantic slingshot and hurled into the air. Incredible! In this day of computer generated action you’d think they wouldn’t risk an actor’s life and limbs catapulting him into space. Did you watch the closing of the Olympics with Eric Idle? He pretended to be the man they shot out of a cannon which failed dismally and he ends up in a trench. Eric pops out singing “Always Look at the Bright Side of Life” 20 million viewers all around the world sitting on their settees whistling the catch at the end of the phrase. Me too. I never realised I knew quite a lot of the words. See, we’ve gone in a complete circle on about words again. Sorry no topic has raised its head, so I’ll toddle off.  Maybe as it’s empty I might get some sleep!

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