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It’s been a busy week. Well 3 weeks. I applied for a job (just a little something to get me out of the house and earn some beer money). The contract company that the job was with is linked to a company called Set Solutions. Anyway, they asked me if I would like to do some training, maybe a career change. I explained that I had been told I was too old. They said that was Boll###s. So I’ve been doing Cert III in Business Admin. It’s been really good. There are two other “older” students so the average is eighteen. They usually finish everything before me (only ‘cos they type faster) but they are a good group with a sense of humour, which really helps. I thought I was desperate for work but these kids are putting heart and soul into it. So the next time you see a kid who is obviously unemployed, give them a job.

Often we like to go to the theatre so we went to Mordialloc Theatre Group production of “Albert Nobbs,” which would be one of the funniest plays we have seen for a long time. I actually laughed out loud (LOL). It’s English humour at it sharpest! Albert and his wife fight like cat & dog and are truly happy but when she passes away and he is left to fend for himself, she returns as a ghost to sort him out!  A story line that may seem familiar, the characters and the script will be sure to have you laughing for the whole production. Like Molly says “Do yourself a favour!”

I had to sit in a crowded room for over an hour yesterday and I am still amazed on how dependent on phones we have become. With about sixty people standing in a queue, not one lifted their heads and spoke to each other (even those who were standing together). Apart from about 4-5 people the rest had their faces downward staring into the small light in their hand, using both thumbs, texting to someone across the room. What has happened to conversation? Let’s try it. Whenever you next are staring into the phone light stop, and speak to someone nearby. You never know you might enjoy it and it might catch on.

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