Doctor Strange

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Reviewed by Elliot Murphy

A story of an arrogant doctor called Stephen Strange. After suffering a car accident his hands are damaged, and to fix them goes to a temple of mystics. Who can not only open his mind, but show him more of what he is really capable of.

Benedict Cumberbatch is Dr. Stephen Strange the guy who thinks he knows everything, but knows nothing. Benedict does very well playing this role. Being that of a teacher, tough, always thinking he knows what’s right, to falling from grace, to become a student and change his characters personality to be more humble, but not giving up on the arrogance of his character. Benedict was good choice for the role in bringing the seriousness when needed, and the comedy when moments needed to be lighter. Mad Mikkelsen is the evil villain known as Kaecilius and he does it so well, never breaking character, shows his talents of why he was chosen to play this character. Like Benedict, Mikkelsen shows his acting skills in a very different way that is seen in other movies. Tilda Swinton is the Ancient One and not just because that’s who she plays. Throughout the movie the way she speaks and moves and acts of course, makes it easy to see why this role was perfect for her, did a great job. Some others who without this movie wouldn’t have been what it was. First is Chiwetel Ejiofor who played Mystic Mordo the friend of Strange, second Rachel McAdams who was strange’s former girlfriend. Third is Benedict Wong as Wong another Mystic, with many more talented actors and actresses.

The visual effects where amazing, something completely different to anything seen before. The imagination that went into creating this movie was so great. The computerization used for it was just as good as the effects, lighting and explosions in the movie. Each scene for sound and lighting was well chosen and the music fitted the movie well.

Overall 4/5 stars. Good Marvel film but could have done more for the big villain scene and a little slow to start, but over all a good film.


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