Do you believe in a Christmas Spirit? What’s your relationship to Christmas day?

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Some of us don’t celebrate Christmas day at all. For whatever reason, it may be just another day that can be plain inconvenient; local shops closed, penalty rates for staff, carols on every TV channel and potentially a costly week putting pressure on the budget with gift giving.


Regardless whether you believe in the magic of Christmas, or view it as just “another day”, can any of us human beings really afford to view each day as ‘just another day?”.

If the average human lives beyond 70 years of age then we have had approximately 25,000 days deposited in our “time bank” here on earth from birth, whether you like it or not each day is a withdrawal of this “time bank”.


Keeping the big picture in mind Christmas day is one of those precious days in your time bank regardless of what your relationship to Christmas day is or not.

So for this very simple yet human reason, I invite all to celebrate a Christmas Breakfast in the middle of Fed Square, as way of connecting within  a community and celebrating life. The life we have today, the life we were given as a gift.


The Breakfast Hop will connect all walks of life in our city of Melbourne on Christmas day. We welcome travellers, international students, families, homeless, asylum seekers, the poor, the rich. Come one come all.

The spirit of the square in Fed Square will come alive with an outdoor buffet breakfast, activities for kids and adults and of course many, many people all coming together sharing one thing in common… acknowledging the gift of each day and the support and energy a community can bring.


By Jaquie Scammell

Founder – Hopskotch.


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