Discover Your Future Self at Pause Fest 2016

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The technology-embracing Pause Fest is returning for its sixth year and it’s bringing a slew of bright minds with it. Make Ideas Happen, Build Successful Products and Master Disruption at Pause 2016.

Some of the world’s latest and greatest technological developments are heading to Pause Fest in 2016. It will be a chance for the audience to see them up close and have the opportunity to talk with the people who work on them.

This year at the festival there will be some truly innovative technology that will be seen in areas as diverse as health tech, mobile VR, smart cities and AI website design.

Here are some of the most notable speakers amongst seventy key influencers:

Hyperloop Transport Technologies – Crowdsourcing the Future

Engineers and architects are devoting time to contribute ideas to Hyperloop’s design via JumpStartFund. Elon Musk himself committed to building a test track in California for piloting scaled-down capsules.

GMG – Understanding the psychology of the online shopper

Beyond user journeys, cookies and optimising checkouts, do you really understand the frame of mind of the online shopper?

Fjord & Telstra – Looking from the inside-out – Lessons from Telstra’s digital transformation

The team will share and discuss specific examples, challenges, insights and honest stories of service design methodologies as the basis for business transformation.

Girls in Tech – Building Your Own, Authentic Brand

Whether or not you have purposefully cultivated your personal brand through social media, it exists nonetheless.

Google – The dependent relationship between technology and creative

Technology and creative have never been closer, yet it can still be difficult to find the balance between idea and execution.

The Grid – How to design for 50,000 websites at once

We will uncover the hidden formulas that can be applied to speed up any design production. See how a shift in approach can cast a ripple of improvements that help thousands of peoples websites.

Ingenuity Studio – Pro-tips for Mobile VR Production Workflows

Mobile virtual reality has officially hit the mainstream. Platforms are quickly evolving, with many production teams learning as they go.

DT – My Idea! – Ego, authorship and collaboration in the pursuit of great work

This keynote draws inspiration from early pioneers John Cage, The Anti-Composer, and Bell Telephone Labs’ E.A.T. – Experiments in Art and Technology.

Saffron – Wally was wrong

In the world we find ourselves living in today, the traditional rules of branding no longer work. This is a world of brands in constant beta, needing to evolve and adapt in anticipation of a future that cannot be known.

While all from different industries, these new innovations will eventually change people’s lives. The big question people must ask themselves though is, should we be afraid when Internet of Things becomes smart and does all the work in the background work for us?

When a time comes that our medical reporting is fully automated and GPs lose their jobs, or when we are using VR headsets to escape reality either for pleasure, a gaming experience, or relaxation – if machines and technology are doing everything we do for ourselves at the moment, what does the future ‘us’ even look like?

The thought is overwhelming, but the discussion and debate around this concept is sure to be an exciting one.

At Pause Fest 2016, yourself and over 12,000 other attendees will have the opportunity to immerse yourselves in conversations like this and help create the future.

Pause Fest 2016 will take place at Federation Square on the 8th – 14th of February 2016.

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