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Diablo III is an upcoming dark fantasy/horror-themed action role-playing game being developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. It’s the third installment in the Diablofranchise. The game, which features elements of the hack and slash and dungeon crawl genres, was first announced on June 28, 2008, at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris.Diablo III offers an enhanced quest system, a random level generator, and a random encounter generator. It has been slated for use in order to ensure that the game provides different experiences when replayed. Overall, the game will include both static and randomly generated levels. Additionally, there will be class-specific quests to go along with the main storyline quests. Blizzard originally planned to have in-game cut scenes, but decided these would divert from the game play and decided against them.

After beta-testing Diablo III, I found that it’s still the same old game I have always loved, but much improved. The good news is that it’s still ‘random’. I loved not knowing what I was going to find till it dropped.  The beta test was a bit short, but it was just enough to get me hooked all over again. If the previous games are anything to go by, my guess is it’s going to be a long game, with plenty of new and exciting things to keep me entertained. It still suffers from a few glitches in parts but that will be fixed before the release.

The only thing I have to complain about is that, as far as the multiplayer side of things is concerned, I noticed that people don’t chat to each other like they do inn most other online games. I’m not sure whether the people I played with were rude or just too busy to talk, but the game is just as enjoyable with or without other players.

There is no Diablo III release date, and Blizzard has never given one. When asked about a release date, Blizzard employees give the same reply for all their games: “When it’s done.”

The current official line concerning a release date is “early 2012” and that’s as specific as it gets.

Diablo III release dates are often given, or guessed at, by media sources, especially by software merchants. These dates have no authority and exist solely to encourage interest/pre-sales.

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