Defer No 96 Tram Upgrade in Acland St, St Kilda

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Acland Village Business Association and St Kilda residents are asking the City of Port Phillip, PTV and Yarra Trams to defer the No 96 Tram Upgrade in Acland (Street) Village, St Kilda.



  • Acland Village is the jewel of St Kilda and an international icon. It’s not the same as other compared street closures. The Village deserves more respect. It’s not a car park for trams.
  • More planning and consultation is required as this upgrade will be a model to roll out across all municipalities in Melbourne, along the No 96 Tram Route.  Get it right the first time.
  • Serious issues and impacts on retailers in Fitzroy Street as a result of the tram upgrade and associated changes to the street. We don’t want a repeat of this in Acland Village.
  • It has become evident through online and offline communications with local residents that the City of Port Phillip needs to provide information on the impacts of the upgrade.
  • The Triangle development will have impacts on the Acland St Upgrade and vice versa. Planning of these two developments needs to be brought into one BIG PROJECT for significant research, planning, and consultation.
  • Endorsed options presented below were rejected by City of Port Phillip, PTV and Yarra Trams.
  • A lot of unforeseen consequences detrimental to the Acland Village, small businesses and locals. Once the upgrade is done, it’s too late.
  • The new tram terminus will be a major eyesore in Acland Village, overshading the beautiful streetscape.
  • Serious concerns about traffic bottlenecks, car parking and re-directed traffic to may streets adjacent to Acland Street (commercial and residential).
  • Parking compensation for removal of 59 car spaces in Acland Village and the flow on effect of one hour car bays.
  • A marketing strategy has not been presented by City of Port Phillip to attract more visitors to the Acland Village to support small business. The council has said the upgrade will attract more people but there is no evidence of a plan and parking implications for resolution.


Acland Village Traders’ endorsed option

  • Terminate 96 Tram at existing Luna Park stop and use existing tear drop island on the corner of Acland & Carlisle Streets.
  • Remove tram tracks, overhead power lines and widen footpaths to support community activities the length of Acland Street Village.
  • Supporting a safe, iconic and open walking precinct that adapts to community needs.
  • Install hydraulic bollards to close the street for public events such as weekend farmers markets.
  • Minimise traffic congestion and provide on street parking to support shopping and cafe dining throughout the Village.
  • Cheaper and significantly more effective spend of our taxpayer dollars.
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