Dead Rising: Watchtower Review

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By Elliot Murphy

Zombies, an apocalypse, and finally a character that knows what to do.

Dead Rising: Watchtower is a must for any zombie fanatics. When a reporter is looking for a new story on the zombies the Zombrex vaccine fails and the zombie outbreak quickly reaches critical. With only three people – a mother, a reporter and an infected person – fighting the virus, they must stick together to survive. It’s not just the zombies themselves but looters, bike gangs and even the military they will have to fight through to get out. With only 48 hours to get to safety, see what it takes to survive.

Let’s start with Meghan Ory (Crystal), who finally shows that you don’t always need to scream and be frightened all the time. Showing toughness, no fear and how to think on your feet, she brilliantly makes it believable and an awesome performance. Then we bring in Jessie Metcalfe (Chase) who went through all the motions in this movie, starting with cockiness then changing to fear and finally a survivor showing with each moment such commitment.

The mother, played by Virginia Madsen (Maggie), not the toughest but certainly the kindest throughout this movie, always portrays the loving mother and worries whether her daughter is safe. Keegan Connor Tracy (Jordan) plays the camerawoman that helps but just like Jessie Metcalfe’s character (Chase), has to change as well in order to survive. Keegan definitely shows what is truly going on through fear, stealth and cunning.

Aleks Paunovic does very well playing the Bike gang leader (Logan), transforming his character from a king of the apocalypse to an almost zombie, playing a very good bad guy. Finally Dennis Haysbert, who plays General Lyons, comes in as a guy who generally wants to help protect and contain the problem. He brings his performance up by changing his character from a hero to a villain. Also thanks to all the extras without whom this movie could not have been as awesome as I thought.

The special effects that were used for this movie were exceptionally well detailed, from the make-up of the zombies to the blood bombs they used, all the way up to the lighting and explosions. The camera crew did well making all the angles right just at the right moment.

This is a very good movie and worth seeing if you like zombies( and a lot of carnage). Even though it’s a little different from the games, it is definitely one that brings a character that actually knows what to do in an apocalypse.

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