David Bowie Is…

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By Alexandra Duffy

Australian Centre for Moving Image presents ‘David Bowie Is’, created by David Bowie himself and with aid of the Victorian and Albert Museum in London. Melbourne has been given this one in a lifetime opportunity to view original archives, designs and fashion for the first time.

The aptly titled exhibition ‘David Bowie Is’ extenuates the many faces and characters that is Bowie. Telling a thrilling story of a young boy from Brixton who has now become an international sensation.

Showing over 50 incredibly iconic costumes, streaming video clips from songs such as ‘Lets Dance’, which he filmed in Australia, and allowing people to view handwritten lyrics and to view rare film footage.

Fiona Trigg the assistant curator of the exhibition encourages any music fan to see this tribute; “David Bowie was a very important person in the music scene so this exhibition explores his creativity and his private writings from his own archive, which shows his creative design.”

This tribute to David Bowie’s extraordinary claim to fame is a once in a lifetime event, showcasing incredible talent. The Victorian and Albert Museum has replicated the same monumental exhibition from London.

“We worked very closely with the Victorian and Albert Museum, they came to help put it together to show how it was done in London,” said Trigg.

The spectacular art display is mesmerising, consisting with streams of images that are rotating frequently off walls is enchanting. Having the majority of the exhibition being silent (with headphones supplied) allows you to bask in the audio and visual experience. Being entranced with sounds of interviews, rare footage, and audio and movie appearances.

Not only does this exhibition bring to life all of David Bowies achievements and conquests, it also allows for late night entertainment and DJ’s to perform during their extended trading times on Thursday and Friday nights.

The David Bowie exhibition is a fast selling once in a lifetime opportunity, a warning to the general public has been made to go and see this event even if you’re not a fan of the work inspired by Bowie himself the design and artwork is captivating on its own merit.

“It’s proving really popular I really encourage any music fans to come and see it, as it’s really inspiring,” said Trigg.

Throughout examining important elements of Bowies’ life chronicles, the looming title remains, ‘David Bowie Is…’ to some he is known as David Jones or his androgynous alter ego Ziggy Stardust, however, to most he is known as a historical element to musical history.

The exhibition is currently running until November 1st it is a must see event, supplying constant nostalgic feels transporting you back in time to an age where you would really wonder if there was life on Mars.

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