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Daughter is a 20-minute short film and an awareness project written and directed by filmmaker Sarah Jayne, to be produced and shot by independent production company Nexus Production Group, who are based at Studio 106 in St Kilda.

The film is loosely based on and inspired by the tragic murders of Jill Meagher in Brunswick and St Kilda’s own Tracy Connelly, whose occupation as a sex worker was highlighted in the media, leading to her murder and personal story being sadly overshadowed. Tracy’s killer is yet to be found.

Daughter is supported by the St Kilda Gatehouse and the Sandpit Gallery and more recently The City of Port Phillip, who has awarded Nexus Production Group with funding and support for the project through a successful application of the Cultural Development Fund.

The next step for Daughter is to secure investors who have the same values and goals in mind to give the project more strength and together tackle big issues. Daughter also currently has a crowd funding campaign through Pozible in the hope to raise the remaining funds needed to make the film.

Daughter explores the way in which women are viewed in society by following three opposing lead female characters on a Friday night out in St Kilda – Alethia, a soon-to-be-wed business woman; Jemma, a mother and veteran sex worker; and Scarlett, a young, impressionable party girl.

Each woman varies in age, culture, wealth, education and social status, but the women’s lives will become entwined and affected by an act of violence this fateful night.

Through each character’s experience Daughter shows the audience that any woman can become a victim of violence and that victim blaming is an unjustified response to a much deeper problem.

The themes explored in Daughter – specifically violence against women and victim blaming – are very prominent in the media today. Thus far over 40 women have been victims of gendered violence this year.

From each separate case victim blaming has reared its ugly head and taken the victim’s personal story out of the equation, replacing it with fear and judgement.

Nexus Production Group believes society is ready to talk about violence against women and its devastating consequences. The time to bring Daughter to life is now.

On the 13th of June a Daughter fundraiser and awareness nightwas held at The Sandpit Art Gallery in St Kilda. With over 60 people in attendance, the gallery was crammed full and the night was a success. The amount raised, $1439.65, was more than anticipated and a great start for the Daughter budget.

The support on the night was invaluable and the support for Daughter thus far is incredible.

Shooting begins in early September 2015. At this stage three of these locations have been approved; St Kilda Gatehouse, Fitzrovia Cafe, and the Day of the Dead Tapas bar. The rest of the filming will take place on the streets of St Kilda and Daughter will be shot entirely in the City Of Port Phillip, in honour of resident Tracy Connelly.

Nexus Production Group look forward to shooting Daughter, the tough little film that challenges victim blaming, explores gendered violence and asks the question – “would you care if she was your daughter?”

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