Dark Matter: The Charcoal Latte Exposed

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by Paris Newman

The time has come to embrace the jet-black, fairly ominous-looking powder that is activated charcoal into our dietary regimes!

Through a rather elaborate, heating activation process, the charcoal particles become extremely porous, which enables harmful and unwanted substances in the stomach and intestines to adhere to the surface of the ingested activated charcoal and be easily eliminated from the body.

In addition to this miraculous detoxifying and purification quality, activated charcoal has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, boost your immune system, alleviate bloating, whiten teeth and some studies have suggested that it even has anti-aging capacities! 

What does it taste like, you may ask? Nothing. Activated charcoal powder is completely tasteless, which makes it great to slip into drinks in order to gain all of its wholesome glory, without even knowing its there!

Several local cafes have already jumped on the activated charcoal train and feature this magical health powder on their drinks menu in super creative and unique ways…

First up, we have Matcha Mylkbar’s charcoal latte. Sip on this silky, soul-warming beverage that parallels a rich caramel flavour from the addition of mesquite powder. Not only is this charcoal latte deliciously satisfying, but it is also packed with superfood goodness! The blend of activated charcoal, mesquite, maca root powder and soymilk make this drink full of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium and tons of great antioxidants. Matcha Mylkbar has absolutely mastered the incorporation of activated charcoal into a hot drink formation!

Next up, we have The Joinery’s superfood smoothie, ‘Charcoal Charlie’; a lusciously fruity combination of banana, mixed berries, mango, spinach, activated almonds and almond milk. This drink is incredibly thick, creamy and guaranteed to give you a gigantic energy boost from all of the natural sugars, in conjunction with the activated charcoal. Additionally, the presence of spinach provides a sneaky source of iron, yet goes completely undetected in taste amidst all the scrumptious natural sweetness going on! This drink offers a great way to get your daily dose of fruit, along with all the extraordinary health benefits of the activated charcoal powder.

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