Danae Vincent

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By: Aaron Webb

I walk into 95 Espresso on Acland St to meet someone who’s spent a great deal of time there, consuming their creative juices (read: awesome coffee – love you Johnny) and thereby getting her own flowing. She’s set up at her laptop writing away. I greet her and ask what she’s working on – turns out it’s a pilot for a TV show set in Melbourne. She describes it as an urban drama set around seven early twenty-somethings and then excitedly adds: “I get to work with Adam Foster!” (Screenwriter of upcoming movie “Crawlspace” with Greg Mclean, the bloke who directed Wolf Creek)

Danae Vincent originally comes from Goondiwindi QLD, but saw the light about 18 months ago and moved to the centre of our beloved StKildaverse. She’s now what’s known in the biz as a triple threat (singer, dancer and actor), but kicked off with dance. Heavily into it through high school, after finishing she started her own dance school at 19 years old and was quickly teaching 120 pupils. With that many available dancers, she started producing local musicals and was subsequently accepted to Queensland University of Technology to undertake a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in drama.

After completing her degree, Danae then trained with physical theatre company Zen Zen Zo in Brisbane while moonlighting as a singer in a Jazz & Blues cover band. She then applied to and was accepted into the Australian National Theatre Company in St Kilda.

Intending to record her first Jazz album, Danae was looking for song writers to work with. Struggling to find anyone, she sat down with a bottle of plonk and had a crack herself. After writing two songs, it turned out the music was more “Jazz Hands” than actual Jazz, so Danae started sketching out a storyline. The first song, self-referentially entitled “Red Wine” has now become the opening number to her new stage show “HOLY SHIP!”
She wrote a further 4 songs with a collaborator and mentioned it to a contact at Red Bennies, who essentially said, “You’re on in 12 weeks – better get cracking.”

It’s a full three-act musical over 100 or so minutes. I ask Danae if six songs is a bit light for a musical? She replies, “Very.” But where the other songs would be, we’ve got circus, burlesque and cabaret. The mix has proved extremely popular, as we’ve done already one sold-out season, and are now back by popular demand. So what’s it about? “Love lost, found again, then discarded in favour of stardom.”

Ah – that old chestnut.

I ask, who has helped her get the show up? “My musical collaborator is Chris O’Neil, who’s previously played with Matt Corby and Ian Moss from Cold Chisel. Red Bennies’ Alex Schoeffel has been fantastic for both the venue and support (and for pushing me on as quickly as he did). Also – South Trade International and their product Pusser’s Rum, for sponsoring the show.”

I ask, who’s in it? “The male lead’s name is Will Ewing. He’s recently departed ‘Neighbours’, where he played loveable rogue, Griffin O’Donohue.” I obviously look confused, so she dumbs it down to a level I’ll understand, “Your female readers will know and lurrrve this guy.”
We move on.

“There’s a total cast of 13, including yours truly, and a ‘Stage kitty’”.

Again, I stare blankly.

“A hot chick with her tits out who picks up discarded clothes after the burlesque numbers.”

Ah! I nod knowingly, and think to myself: Wasn’t that easier?

HOLY SHIP! Season runs from the 12th to the 22nd of December, and tickets are available from: www.holyshipstageshow.com or Red Bennies. $25 pre-sale, $30 on the door.

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