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Crystal For 2018: Peacock Ore – Crystal Of Happiness

2018 is being heralded as the year of “Mastery”, as the numbers add to 11, a master number.  We have spent the past year, 2017, clearing our wounds, letting go of our stories, our victim consciousness and finding our inner roar.  This has prepared us, for the true energy of 2018 ‘The Reveal’.  Our personas are shattering, our true selves are being revealed, and in all that intensity, of the past years of continual processing,  and transformation, some of us have become too intense, too serious and disconnected from joy.

This crystal serves to remind us, that life, once you are open to it, can be for the mostpart joy filled.  It helps us to remove any remaining blocks or impediments, negative patterning, preventing us from reaching our fullest potential.  All the while, this crystal of happiness and joy, infuses positive energy in us at the same time helping us to identify new ways to accomplish our dreams and goals. 

For 2018 you are being reminded that it is vital to get in touch with your creative expression, to keep you present and fluid, as the world continues to experience chaos and transformation.  Peacock energy can help you on your spiritual path and breathe new life into your earth walk of faith and trust.  Peacock reminds us to be compassionate with ourselves, and with others.  The Peacock Ore is telling us that it is time, to show our true colours!

With 45 years of experience between us in metaphysics and healing modalities, we as a husband and wife partnership are “on-fire”, inspired and so ready to empower game-changers to reach their full potential.

Being passionate spiritual teachers, we help those who are tired of conformity, to lead better, extraordinary and often exceptional lives.

We have worked on a conscious spiritual path for decades, facilitating empowerment events and personal sessions across the globe. We have also founded the Divine Essence Crystal Healing Academy – providing cutting edge healing modalities and trainings for aspiring spiritual teachers who want to make a difference too. 

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