Crowdfunded gardening device to self-water plants

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 By Mantis Kane

Watering plants is one chore you can strike off your to-do list with a new Aussie invention that claims to self-water your plants.

Water Tube, as the name might suggest, is not a new kids’ ride at Luna Park, or the latest transport method to the CBD but rather an ingenious Aussie invention currently being promoted by a long-time St Kilda resident and documentary maker, Tim Langdon.

What is Water Tube?

Water Tube is a machine-blown polyethylene tube with a robust sealed unit that can contain 20 litres of water. Installed around a newly planted tree or shrub, Water Tube provides the ultimate in resistance to natural elements and pests.

The device dishes out water in measured amounts to the plant on which it is installed, while protecting it from animals, sun, wind and frost. This in turn helps the plant grow bigger, faster. Water Tube claims to be 100 per cent reusable and recyclable and offers savings in the region of 75 per cent on water costs.

St Kilda resident Tim Langdon owns the patent to the Aussie  plant-watering invention. Photo: supplied.

As St Kilda resident and Water Tube director Tim Langdon calls it a “self-watering plant guard”.

“The idea is to make sure that not a drop of water gets wasted, saving you money, time and helping your plants survive dry summers.

“It’s ideal for when you’re away on holidays or don’t have the time,” Mr Langdon says.

Local crowdfunding platform has teamed up with Water Tube to drive the campaign, and in doing so will piggyback with one of Langdon’s ongoing eco-awareness projects, A Drop In The Ocean.

A Drop in the Ocean is a documentary feature about the adverse impacts of human activity on the world’s oceans and the practical steps that everyday people can take to mitigate these impacts.

Though still in production, the ambitious documentary project has over one hundred thousand Facebook followers.  

The crowdfunding campaign will go live on October 1, 2017 and run for a month.  

Backers will be offered discounted deals and value adds from local nurseries.

Check out their crowdfunding page to learn more.


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