Craft Beers, the rise of the Micro-Breweries

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By Robert McLean

There has been a rise of local and imported craft beers coming into Australia over the last ten years. With the larger breweries being all owned by overseas companies, the local micro-breweries are finally starting to gain ground on the large companies. With local bottle shops starting to stock more and more craft beer, the question must be asked, what is the future of brewing in Australia?

Travel to every part of Australia and you can usually find two craft beers; these being James Squire and Little Creatures, both of these companies are owned by overseas companies. Lots of places in the big cities have started to serve craft beer over the last few years, for St Kilda; The Local Taphouse on Carlisle street sells over 100 craft beers.

With the increase of craft beers popularity, comes the large events to judge the best beers in Australia. Held annually in each state, these events are designed to promote small businesses. From the old fashioned ales, to the new lagers and stouts, these micro-breweries are working against each other to fashion a beer that will stand out amongst the crowd.

Some of the best micro-breweries around are the ones who run their brew house from home. These micro-breweries usually don’t have much overhead spending but can create some very nice beers. Depending on your mood, there is a beer that can fit the roll, just like a good wine. With light beers and pale ales good for light dishes, through to dessert beers like stout and dark ale that go well with chocolate.

Give it a try at your next dinner party; replace wine with different craft beers. Helping these small breweries make a name for themselves and get some money to expand. This creates local jobs, brings money into the area, and promotes local businesses.

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