Council Election Interviews: Wayne Thompson

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Wayne Thompson is a candidate for Junction Ward in the forthcoming City of Port Phillip Council elections. Daniel Wilson from St Kilda News sat down with him in the pub to find out more about his positions.


Q: Could you please tell me your name, party affiliation, and what you hope to achieve should you be elected.

My Name is Wayne Thompson, aka Mouse, I am not a member of labor, liberals or Greens, I would like to get the Arts and live music back on the front page of our community for years now we have had a steady trickle of the Arts and Music crossing the river, many people now look to the other side of the river to see what we once had I what to bring it back.

I also had been to a meeting for the updating of local Laws and all of the concerns expressed by other residents are my concerns too, those concern were Backpackers parking everywhere and their noise, early morning Rubbish trucks, Light pollution Alarm noise plus many more, the outcome of the meeting will be drafted presented to the new councillors and then made public early in the new year I would like to see all concerns of the residents applied to our local law.


Q: What is your position on the 2012 St Kilda Triangle Vision framework?

I like the process that has been taken this time, it’s much more people friendly but I would like one more thing in the design a polished concrete floor the size of a roller rink for just that, a place where the girls can have Roller Derby bouts, then there’s inline hockey roller hockey speed skating, wheel chairs sports, everybody in St Kilda who are active in these sports have to go somewhere like the Show Grounds or Northcote, so let’s play at home and have a rink.


Q: What is your position on the Skate Park to be built on the Marina Reserve?

Back in 1989 I proposed to the then St. Kilda council that the marina reserve would a fantastic place for a skate park, I’ve supported all other proposed skate parks over the years. Now it’s gone full circle and will be a great asset for Port Phillip, I have setup a Facebook page [called] St Kilda Skate Park Supporter, people will able to add their pictures and videos and over the years we will build up a great historical document from the being of the park.


Q: What is your position on the St Kilda Harbour redevelopment?

The redevelopment is a good idea  the consultation process is open but I would like to see  how the  Penguins will be protected as haven’t seen any documents if they will disturbed or not.


Q: Will you support St Kilda’s live music scene?

I support live music and have a YouTube site [called] ‘mightymouseaustralia’ broadcasting St Kilda’s music to the world with over half a million hits with the top views coming for America.


Q: What is your position on high-rise developments in St Kilda, and in particular St Kilda Junction?

I am concern about all high rise and how fast the concrete is go up and destroying the fabric of our community all of a sudden there is light flooding into areas that have never had light like neighbouring properties. I have a special concern about light as I have my name on a spaceship called Stardust and I believe it’s every person’s Human right to see the stars, the light pollution for all these new buildings are now blocking out the stars at a faster rate and needs to be reversed so the children of the future has the same right as we did and see the stars.


Q: What is your position on the Fisherman’s Bend Planning and Economic Development Strategy?

What I’ve been reading looks very good indeed and a great opportunity but there is one thing I would like to see, a Tafe college at present you have to go Holmesglen or Moorabbin to learn a trade, so if we can have a trades school built I would like to see one.


Q: Would you like to see a supervised-injecting room in St Kilda?

Yes an injection room is a good idea , but we need a town hall debate for all, The war on Drugs  has been lost and never will be won , we need two town hall meetings one for Adults and drugs and one for the under 18’s and drugs . Prescription drugs are causing more overdose Deaths of Victorians than illicit drugs time to treat drugs as a health problem.


Q: Is there anything else you want to bring to our readers attention?

As a St Kilda resident for nearly 30 years, Wayne “Mouse” Thompson is standing as an independent to keep alive the St Kilda that’s a great place to live, work and play.


Mouse has been a prominent local retailer, first with Broken Moon on Acland St and then opening Australia’s first rollerblade store, Apache Junction first on Acland Street then on Carlisle St. Through Team Apache, Australia’s first rollerblade team, Mouse worked with local youth, local councils and with charities such as Berry Street for Kids and Association for the Blind to promote healthy living and to stage community rollerblading events.

Mouse has also been an active in save St.Kilda issues which successfully fought for appropriate development of the St Kilda Esplanade. He currently works as a hotel Maintenance Manager where he says “I fix just about anything, now it’s time to fix our community and I’m here to fix it.”

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