Council Election Interviews: Tim Baxter

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For the upcoming Council election in the City of Port Phillip, candidate Tim Baxter answered questions posed by Daniel Wilson of St Kilda News. Tim Baxter has lived in Balaclava for seven years and was recently married in the iconic St Kilda Botanical Gardens.


Q: Could you please tell me your party affiliation, and what you hope to achieve should you be elected.

I’m the Greens endorsed candidate for Carlisle Ward in Port Phillip. In council I hope to achieve many things, including reducing council’s carbon footprint, enlivening the city culturally through support of local arts and talent, making parking more accessible for locals, taking care of our green spaces and ensuring that our non-car based transport infrastructure is kept to a world-class standard.


Q: What is your position on the 2012 St Kilda Triangle Vision framework?

The most important thing that the current council has done has been to scrap the former proposal for the site. I’m in support of consultation with the community at every step of the process. I will support a plan that is green, open, and for the community.


Q: What is your position on the St Kilda Harbour redevelopment?

The current project of the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron will go a good way to protecting the boats moored in the harbour. I have concerns about the marine ecosystem and the effects that sediment and boat repair materials can have on the sea floor, but those concerns have been raised and will be looked at in the future.


Q: What is your position on the Skate Park to be built on the Marina Reserve?

The Greens want to maximise green open spaces for Port Phillip, and make good use of these spaces at the same time. The recreational use of this area for a skate park is suitable.


Q: Will you support St Kilda’s live music scene?

Absolutely. Live music is what makes St Kilda what it is. The Greens have supported Save Live Australian Music (SLAM) before, we’re passionate about it. Having said that; we’re open to residents concerns regarding live music and want to encourage a more inclusive process. We can have a vibrant live music scene in St Kilda with the support of its residents.


Q: Would you like to see a supervised-injecting room in St Kilda?

Greens policy is to support supervised injecting facilities as an important harm minimisation tool. Our policy is based on the evidence that such facilities save lives. Having said that; no application has been made, to my knowledge, in the City of Port Phillip for such a facility.


Q: Is there anything else you want to bring to our readers attention?

I’ve spent some time studying energy efficiency and energy independence of small towns and cities, and believe that we can make Port Phillip one of the most energy efficient cities in Australia. By doing so we will reduce our carbon footprint, save money, and keep Port Phillip the kind of place we want to raise our children in. Make no mistake, we will, as a nation, need to wean ourselves off our fossil fuel addiction, and there are great opportunities for Port Phillip in being a trailblazer for that mission.


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