Could St Kilda get a date online?

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By St Kilda Tourism


So many people use online dating services these days; imagine if St Kilda was a person, what would we look like and how would we present ourselves?

Recent research on St Kilda as a destination highlighted the good and bad points about our beloved suburb. We learned that we are good at entertaining our friends, showing them the hot spots and all the good bars and cafes. Our weaknesses include the seedy side of particular areas of the suburb that often come with offering broad appeal across various demographics. Overall, most people like us because we are diverse and fun.

Would St Kilda get a date? Would we be ‘good’ at the online dating game, and what would we need to work on to increase our appeal?

Name: St Kilda

Profile: Friends say I’m vibrant, fun an edgy.I’m a bit bohemian and part of the ‘in-crowd’. I’m an urban socialite that is great at entertaining, loved and envied for my natural ‘zest’ for life. I get along with most – but people say I have a split personality and chaotic lifestyle ….. so I can be pretty full on for some.  

There’s some strong competition out there in the dating (destination) world….. St Kilda’s biggest competitors are the Melbourne CBD, Prahran and Brunswick. The Melbourne CBD is an enigmatic businessman that’s well-groomed, sharp and has a wide range of interests. He holds a hectic lifestyle which means he doesn’t take much time out to slow down and smell the roses.

Brunswick is artsy, with a love for seeking out new experiences, but her downfall is a disregard for cleanliness and professionalism.Prahran is young and professional, she enjoys a good workout, dining at the latest trendy café, getting her nails done and glamming up for a party with her friends. However, her obsession with her image can make her hard to get along with at times.

So what would our profile say? There’s some strong points that we can highlight, and many positive qualities that are unique to us. Our strengths are that we are:

  • Adventurous and free-spirited. We enjoy the little moments in life and makes them special;
  • Sociable and want to make sure everyone has a great time;
  • Dynamic –  our diverse interests make us full of surprises;
  • Able to make you feel calm and relaxed.

But there are weaknesses too – St Kilda can be a little too dark and unpredictable. Some say a bit too carefree.

So what would make people click on our profile and give us the thumbs up? Essentially – how do we get more of the market share of Melbourne’s increasing visitor numbers? We play to our strengths! St Kilda’s advantage is its association with adventure, excitement  and a fabulous social scene.  It’s a place where the little things in life are a big deal, where visitors can focus on relationships, good times, nature and enjoy time out. We need to highlight these positive attributes whilst attempting to control or down play its darker side.

St Kilda has so much appeal, we know we’d get a date, and the rest is up to us. And with stunning scenery like this on our doorstep, finding an image to match our profile is the easy part…..

This article is based on research which was commissioned by St Kilda Tourism Association, in conjunction with Fitzroy Street Business Association and Acland Street Village Business Association.  If you are interested in finding out more please send us an email at

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