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Idiots of Ants

If you get to witness this performance consider yourself one of the lucky few that have been held captive, endured the comedic tactics of these four talented gentlemen, and live to tell the tale. For those of you that have not; prepare yourself for a mission of relentlessly hilarious skits riddled with military-grade laughing-landmines.

The specialists behind this onslaught of laughter are Elliott Tiney, James Wrighton, and Andrew Speirs, these men are the A-Team of comedic combat. No mission is impossible and they deliver nothing less than a malicious evening of gut wrenching laughter, theatre and entertainment. Give a standing ovation to Idiots of Ants, for they have cleverly devised a way to surreptitiously transport you from somewhere over Germany to somewhere in the room crying with laughter in the fetal position.

The Tyranny of Apathy

Tell us something we don’t know… well if you’re gonna keep telling us at least make it really funny… Three young chaps from Melbourne have decided to do just that. No one is safe from the tyranny of apathy that has encapsulated the western world. Roll all of those concerns up and light them with the fervor of the dissatisfied young adults of gen-y; fuelled with far too much time on their hands and information at their finger tips. This is stand-up that is equally admirable for the performers observational skills along with the timing of the accompanying punchline.

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