“Coffee Wars” – The battle for the foremost cup of coffee in St Kilda continues!

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For those many caffeine addicts in our region, the monthly St Kilda Bites food feature will be presenting regular Coffee Reviews of various restaurants, cafes, coffee lounges, bakeries and other outlets that have a reputation for producing and serving excellent coffee in the greater St Kilda area. This annual competition we label: ‘Coffee Wars’.

Our discerning coffee critic, The Food Dude will be continually searching for and uncovering new coffee houses in the greater St Kilda area and revealing her findings in each monthly issue of St Kilda Bites food feature. This quest to discover that quintessential cup of Espresso Coffee promises to be a fascinating journey of coffee appreciation. Her assessment will be based on flavour, body, texture, strength and presentation, and each place’s example will be rated out of ‘5 Beans’.

The Coffee Wars battle will continue for 12 months with an end of the year grand final of the 12 best coffee makers at a venue to be selected!

If you would like St Kilda Bites to critique your favourite coffee spot, please phone the Food Dude on 0427 382 772 or Email: fooddude@stkildanews.com.

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