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The Food Dude explores the vibrant food and coffee hub that has emerged on Chapel Street, Windsor, between Dandenong Rd and High Street, and to his delight discovers an exciting new coffee house and café: The School of 7 Bells, and school is well and truly in at 7 Bells on Chappel st, but enrollments are still welcome.

With the celebrations of the New Year coming to a close many of us are returning to heavy-eyed early risings hours and 7am commutes, so it’s refreshing to know that The School of 7 Bells Café and Coffee Lounge continue to dedicate their distinctive daily grind to those of us, making the inevitable return one to look forward to.

Named after a mythical Colombian school that teaches kids how to pick-pocket, The School of 7 Bells, located at the top end of Chapel street directly above Windsor train station, is the third installment in Daniel Zalcberg’s Artful Dodger Coffee Trading Company that began in 2010, with the first of his outlets being: The Artful Dodger Café in Elsternwick, soon followed by Whyte Café in Glen Huntly, then the School of 7 bells arrived!

The School began enrolling late last year and has since received high grades from its pupils. Its location is remarkably unique; established in the highly coveted original Windsor Railway Station office on Chapel Street. While many Melbournian cafes typically take on simplicity as the key to their décor, 7 Bells branches into new territory. Pick pocket warnings span the high walls, a caravan of thieves caught in a cage hang above the selection of fresh muffins and pastries, and an original golden Athena Leva machine only enriches the mythical adornment of the place.

Coffee and food is spoken about passionately by a team of enthusiastic, skilled staff who are delighted to educate customers about the mechanics of their Leva machine or the flavor profiles of their rapidly rotating Single Origins or House Blend, and on those steamy, scorching Melbournian afternoons the cold drip on ice is a welcome advice.

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